Like pearls, many children's stories begin in hard places. Just as it takes time for a grain of sand to transform inside an oyster, it can take years of being surrounded by loving relationships for these children to heal. Often, this path is not easy and it can be difficult for foster and adoptive families to see the beauty in their hard work. We offer hope and practical help to these families through trauma-informed educational opportunities and support groups. We also believe children from hard places need to be surrounded by a community who is trauma-informed.   We are committed to bringing Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) to teachers, case workers, church volunteers and anyone who works with children.  Our desire is that through healthy connections, vulnerable children will feel safe, know they have a voice and ultimately, discover that they are precious. 



In 2013, our family began a foster journey that unexpectedly turned into an adoption adventure. We listened politely as people told us that what we were doing was beautiful, not wanting to admit that it felt anything but that. In fact, there were days when it looked downright ugly. We felt tired, overwhelmed and alone. We quickly learned that the parenting style that worked well for our biological children was not going to work with children from hard places. It was at our lowest point that we discovered the work of Dr. Karyn Purvis at an Empowered to Connect Conference. It gave us more empathy for our children's history, hope that we could help them heal, and most importantly, practical parenting tools. We will forever be students of Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) and it is our mission to bring trauma-informed support to families like ours-families who need to know that there is beauty in their hard work. -Joy and Stephen Zedler



Beth Willis-President 

Stephen Zedler-Vice President

Michael Miller-Treasurer 

Joy Zedler-Board Member 

Kristy Gibboney-Board Member

Cindy Lowe-Board Member

Justin Lloyd-Board Member


Joy Zedler-Executive Director, MHR, TBRI Practitioner

Beth Willis-Director of Development & TBRI Practitioner

Beau Williams-TBRI Practitioner & Life Coach with My Life Counsel

Cindy Lowe-Educational Liaison & Counselor with Renewal Counseling

Alicia Gilliam-Closet Coordinator

Ashley Dease-Administrative Assistant